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Our Differencial

We are innovative and always open to create new programs to achieve the clients goals. 
Super trouper

4Fitness and health groups

-Gym, Swimming, Soccer, Basketball, Yoga groups.

4Social groups

-Theatre, Factory Visiting, Car Shows, Museum,  Paddy's Market visits, Sydney Observatory, Karaoke. 

4Art, craft, and music groups

-Guitar, Ukelele, drums, painting.

Local Holidays

-Port Stephens
-Jervis Bay

-Blue Mountains

International Holidays

Los Angeles




Camping and Outdoor Activities

Individual or Group Holidays

The music says:

Shining like the Sun

We teach art, like music and film for and about people with all abilities.

They can be a director or an actor.

We provide the best service for our community in Australia. 
People with an intellectual disability can show all their abilities.
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